Monday, April 26, 2010

Painting Party

Directly after closing on the house (and after a celebratory glass of sparkly) my mom and I went out to Home Depot so I could continue to drag myself further into debt and by supplies of the painting kind.  I walked out with $500+ in supplies and ready to take on the house the next day. 

I'm lucky enough to have great friends who are willing to do manual labor for only pizza and beer as payment.  Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, I had over a dozen helpers tackling the painting with me.  My sister and her friend who love nothing better than painting and wine, were able to whip out the living room and kitchen in just a couple hours. And they did an amazing job of not getting paint anywhere.  They were also lucky enoguh to have two out of the only three rooms in the house that didn't have textured walls.

My friends and I retreated upstairs and worked on the bumpy rooms and hallway.  Because the rooms were so heavily textured, it took a lot of elbow grease and paint to get the walls completely covered.  As more reinforcements came, we went outside to the garage to sand and prime the kitchen cabinets.  Can you imagine - painting 5 rooms, one hallway and kitchen cabinets all in a weekend?  People scoffed that I wouldn't be able to do it, but, with our powers combined...

Megan was in charge of the green room - and she did an excellent job as usual. Thanks Megs!

Loretta worked hard at sanding and scraping - and was only slightly terrifyng as she got her hands on power tools.

Pat and Demie were troopers - sand Reckas-Jacksons, SAND!

Evidence of hard work...

Loretta, laughing maniacally and Rita, blacked out to protect the innocent

Many thanks go out to all my friends and family who helped:
My parents for providing equipment, food and labor.
My sister Kris and her girlfriend for their excellent work on the first floor.
And my friends - Megan, Justin, Baron, Loretta, Pat, Demie, Rita, Katy

And if I'm forgetting anyone...I'm sorry.  It's been since October and I have no photographic evidence you were there.  But I am ever so grateful.

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