Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breaker Breaker One

Picture this - it's about 8 o'clock at night and I just get home from a full day at work, then to the gym for my personal training assessment and 30 minutes of homage to the elliptical.  I'm tired, hungry, and sweaty.  Luckily for me, I had delicious bbq chicken teriyaki and stir fry veggies left over from last night.  I decide to go ahead and make some noodles to go with it, since it was faster than rice.  I get the water going in the hot pot, get the bowl of stir fry heating in the microwave.  I'm waiting....and waiting....and waiting....Finally I get up from the couch and check why the microwave hasn't beeped.  Oh snap, no power!  I tripped the g-d breaker.  Luckily, my girl power extends to dealing with this problem.

I grab my flashlight and a sturdy pair of shoes. This is where my breaker box is located, the reason why I need a flashlight and a sturdy pair of shoes (for spiders and other critters).  Do you see the box way back there on the left. *shudder*

So, I make my way back there, studiously ignoring a suspicious looking pile on the floor and flip the switches that are labeled for the kitchen.  Go back up and nothing. Go downstairs and try it again. Go up, and nothing. Call my uncle in a panic.  Looks like I might have successfully actually broken one of my circuits. Go me! I can't get the outlet with the ground switch to trip and I can't get one of the circuits to not keep popping over.

Apparently, my girl power doesn't extend this far.  I plug the fridge into a working outlet that is just behind the wall it's on (no extension cord needed!) and am now waiting for my trusty Uncle Art to come by on Thursday to fix whatever the problem is.  So I can cook again. Because I have no stove or microwave.