Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Choosing Paint Colors

As long as we're talking about paint, I should tell you about how I picked paint colors in the rest of my house.  I have nary a white room.

Living Room:
I choose a light, goldish color here to compliment my purple furniture (yes, I'm that girl) and my gold curtains.  What can I say, I'm a pretty pretty princess.

After: I think the color is called Summer Harvest by Behr.

That's a nice color, good choice Deb.

Kitchen and Dining Room:
Here's where I got a little crazy.  I went with this turquoise color that is bright, fun, and a little over the top.  With the brown cabinets it was dark and bleh.  But once I painted the kitchen cabinets white, BAM.  It went from blah to FANTASTIC (at least in my opinion - which, btw, is the only one that counts since it's my house). HA!  Not that you can't tell me your opinion, because you can. But, as I am the Queen (or pretty pretty princess) of the castle, I have final vote.


After: the color is (I believe) called Jamaican Sea by Behr

Now that's a bright blue!

Don't these curtains (they're actually tea towels!) just complete the look?

Master Bedroom:
First, it is only called the master because it's where I sleep.  It's not like the master bedrooms you see on HGTV that have like, 3243 sq ft with vaulted ceilings, sitting areas, walk in closets, and attached baths. It's just a bedroom.  But it's my bedroom and after a lot of thinking, I finally decided to go with a blueish-gray/grayish-blue. (BTW - do you say gray or grey?).  The color is called Shale Gray by Behr.

So soothing!

Guest Bedroom:
I knew I wanted to go green in here.  The room is at the front of the house and in the spring/summer/fall the giant leafy maple tree is right in front, which casts great shadows in the room.  The green makes it feel like you're in the woods. Love it!

You can practically smell the woods...

Computer Room (aka THE BABY'S ROOM):
I originally went with a color called Daffodil Yellow.  Doesn't that sound so pretty? Don't be fooled though, by daffodil yellow, Behr really meant, highlighter yellow or gatorade yellow. It was fluroscent enough to not need lights on any time.  Holy Moly. 


I finally couldn't stand it any longer and repainted it this time with a yellow/green color called Key Lime Pie by Behr. Not only does it sound delish, it LOOKS delish.

Greatly Improved

Upper Bath: 
I knew right away I wanted to put bead board up and that I really wanted to work with a coral color.  This turned out to be one of my favorite rooms.  If it was entirely coral, it would've been overwhelming, but with the bead board and white trim, it's fantastic.  Then with the black and white accessories...my fave!  I'm still working on replacing the sink...that calls for more plumbing skills than I currently have.  The actual name of the color is Tangerine Dream by Behr.
No, it's not your eyes, my photo taking skillz sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

So, what say you dear readers? Love some, hate some? Love them all? Think I'm nuts and should use neutrals more? What colors have you painted in your houses? Or would paint, if you could?


  1. The color in the bathroom is great! I recently convinced my mom to paint my old room that color and it looks awesome. I also think the curtains in the kitchen are frickin' cool.

    Poland Erin :)

  2. Thanks Erin :-)

    I ordered the tea towels off of amazon...let me find the link. I love them so much.


  3. Love that Coral!!!! Also like the Key lime. Great job Deb, keep up the good work.