Friday, April 23, 2010

Closing Day

A month and half after my offer was accepted and I went under contract, I went to my closing.  There was a lot of stress in that month and a half.

  1. The Home Inspection.  A couple days after going under contract, I had the house inspected.  Good thing, there wasn't really anything major.  Just the AC didn't work, so we amended the contract for the AC to be fixed or replaced and the sellers agreed.  There were (and still are) some other things that I need to fix, but it wasn't anything major enough to stop the buying. 
  2. Financing. Oy, the financing part was the most time consuming.  It was mostly just gathering all the correct documents and sending and resending and getting more documents, writing letters to explain things, etc.  Apparently compared to other mortgage applications, mine was fairly straight forward and simple.  It really was just a lot of paperwork.
  3. Home-buyer class.  I was told that in order to get the St. Paul Heroes money, that I needed to take a class on first time home, I signed up for, paid for, and attended an 8 hour class on buying a house (which was fairly useless to me since I was all the way through except for the closing) and then it turns out that the Heroes program ran out of money. GRRRRRR!!!!! 
  4. Planning, Planning, Planning.  Since I had a month and a half to stare at the pics from the walk throughs, I had lots of time for picking out paint colors, arranging furniture, remodel ideas, etc.  I even made a "My First Place Idea Book".  How fun!
Closing day finally arrived.  We did a final walk through and went to closing.  It was pretty much a no-fuss affair.  The seller had pre-signed all the papers.  We did hit a little snag with the home warranty, but the closing lady was all hard-ass with the sellers agent and she got it all sorted out.  Fifty billion signatures later, the place was mine!  I really do think my whole process was a lot easier than other people's experiences are. 

It's all mine and the banks!


  1. lol @ "it's all mine & the banks."
    Love your top. It is adorable! You should post a wishlist, with items you would love in your house. :)

  2. Thanks Shelby :) I got it from - my fave online shopping store.

    And thanks for the suggestion - I'll start working on a list and make it a sidebar item...