Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've Got a Little List...

or, in my case, several giant lists.  I *love* list making.  It is entirely satsifying to type out everything for the list, put it in bullet points, format the page to make it fit exactly right and then print it out.   Where it festers in a pile of paper almost never to be looked at again. 

I'm a list maker, but not really a list do-er.  My most recent list was a spring cleaning checklist.  I have yet to check anything off on the list though - even after I laminated it with tape at work.  On the bright side, its hanging on my fridge and staring me in the face everytime I open the door.  The down side is that I have no desire AT ALL to start making headway on it. *sigh*

Spring Cleaning List - 1
Debbie - 0

Has anyone else been summarily defeated by a list before?  What did you find was the hardest part? Do I just need to suck it up and get started, or would I be better served to hire out and spend my time doing the things I like to do?

I'm sure you could guess what I would like to do...

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  1. Suck it up, sister! I like assigning a room per day. It helps me.