Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Dreary Rainy Week

I know. Isn't that post exciting. This is what it's been like here for the last week.

But don't forget to add snow. Yes. You heard me right. Snow. In May.  I drove through it in Wisconsin on Friday evening.  I spent the weekend in central Wisconsin for a wedding for a friend from college. Lots of fun, lots of wine, and a few heart to hearts. My idea of a perfect weekend.

On Sunday afternoon when I got home, I used the lull in rainy weather to add another two coats to the door project (as seen in my previous post).  I also put down weed kill in an attempt to rid myself of many dandelions and the voracious creeping charlie.  It wasn't long before the dandelions tipped over and began a slow death.  The creeping charlie still looks as healthy as ever...I haven't gotten an up close and personal look at it, but I don't think this application was as successful as I wanted it to be.  I used Ortho Weed B Gone Max with Crab Grass control.  If anyone has any other suggestions for getting rid of lots and lots of creeping charlie, please, let me know.

My projects on tap: finishing the doors (I'm hoping just another 2 coats), painting the trim upstairs, getting baseboards for upstairs and buying a grill!

I was also informed that I wasn't invited back to the hockey team I've been playing on for the last 3 years.  Sucks. Oh well.  I might just do some pick-up hockey next year and reclaim a bit of my life in the winter. Heaven knows I've had enough on my plate as it is.  Plus it'll save me some bucks.

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