Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Painting the Roses Red...

Or, in my case, the doors!

After convincing the paint guy that yes, I did want red, yes, its ok that I have to prime, and yes, its ok that it would take several coats, I finally left the orange store with a gallon of Luscious and a quart of tinted primer.

Here goes nothing...

Goodbye bland wood door...

And hellllloooooo red!

Oh i sure this won't wind up fuchsia?!?

First I sanded the doors - was quick and easy.  I might make it easier than its supposed to be...I'm pretty lazy with the sanding.  Then came the tinted primer.  My doors turned pink!

Hmmm, maybe I should stick with pink.

Since I was doing two doors, I had a good system set up.  First I sanded and primed the front door.  While that was drying, I sanded and primed the side door.  Then I cleaned up my roller, brush and tray.  By the time I was done with that, the front door was ready for the first coat of color.

Then I moved on to the side door for the first coat of red back there.  Since this didn't take as much time as the first bits, I got to take a break between painting...rather than watching the paint dry I played on the internet, checked my reader, and talked to my sister.  By the way - did you see her post today? HILARIOUS

Second coat time!  So quick and easy.  The one thing I have trouble with second coats is that sometimes it's hard to see exactly where you've already painted.  But, I muddled through and tried not to have drips...but its inevitable for me. Got the two coats done, then cleaned up my brush, roller and tray for the day.  I imagine I will have two more coats tomorrow, but I didn't want you waiting so anxiously for my choice.

Front door after primer and two coats of color.

View from the outside - it pops nicely I think.

Side door - eventually I'll get my new storm door up. Nice, yes?

Now, to clear up how I made my decision.  I really liked the dark blue.  And dark blue won in the poll.  But I was worried that it just wouldn't POP enough from the street.  I wasn't sold on the dark red that I had the sample of though - it seemed just too dark.  My decision then had me thinking about the shutters that I want to eventually get.  I wouldn't want super bright red shutters for the windows - so either I do the dark blue or dark red for the door and do matchy-matchy shutters, or pick a brighter red and do black shutters.  

I'm so entirely drawn to really bright doors - bright red, bright yellow, etc.  So, I went with a new option entirely and choose my Luscious color (the trend of picking paint colors with appetizing names continues).

So, what do you think? The man at the orange store promises me that after several coats and drying time, it will go from fuchsia to the red.  I sure hope so....More painting tomorrow!


  1. Joseph's grandma patMay 6, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Yeah, I won!!! Will love the red!

  2. congratulations :D I can't wait to see what it winds up looking like

  3. from Rita B, actually: yeah for Red! I am usually go for muted colors when it comes to house exteriors except for little pops of color . . . like the door. Can you explain why you used tinted primer?

  4. You use a tinted primer because red is such a saturated color, it takes many coats. The tinted primer will help make less coats for it - instead of doing maybe 5 or 6 of the color you can do 3 or 4.

    Also, I used it because the man at home depot made me.

    Here's a more technical explanation: