Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Household Chores

Household Chores



o      Make beds

o      Wash dishes/load dishwasher

o      Wipe kitchen counter, sink, and stove

o      Empty trashcans (as needed – trash day Mon)

o      Wipe bathroom counter and sink

o      Pick up entryway

o      Clean cat box

o      Dust

o      Vacuum living room, bedrooms, and utility rug

o      Vacuum couch

o      Wash/change bed linens

o      Sweep porch

o      Buy groceries

o      Laundry

o      Recycling (Tue) and Trash (Mon)

o      Clean bathrooms




o      Wash windows and mirrors

o      Rinse trashcan

o      Dust blinds, vacuum curtains

o      Wipe baseboards and window sills

o      Clean out/wipe down inside refrigerator

o      Clean Microwave

o      File papers

o      Sweep steps (weekly)

o      Mow Lawn (weekly)

o      Water lawn and garden (as needed)

o      Prune (as needed)

o      Clean lawnmower (monthly)


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