Monday, August 1, 2011

The Patio List

One of my coworkers just asked if I was done with my patio now that I had the plants in. I said no...I just have....

So, I thought a list of what was done and what was needed to be done was in order.

  1. Plan patio
  2. Demo exisiting porch
  3. Excavate
  4. Level, lay class 5, compact, level
  5. Lay and screed sand
  6. Place pavers
  7. Compact pavers, add polymeric sand, compact again
  8. Purchase and build patio furniture
  9. Purchase plants and plan landscaping
  10. Purchase privacy arbor
  11. Plant plants, lay edging, cover with mulch
To Do
  1. Install privacy arbor
  2. Install new stairs
  3. Install new light fixture
  4. Seal pavers

I still am thinking about some kind of outdoor lighting, maybe some more small solar lights, just to make it pretty around the new bushes and flowers.   Also maybe a deck box that can do some storage (and also a place to attach a bottle opener that would sit above a pail).

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