Thursday, August 11, 2011

Landscaping is REALLY hard (Part 2)

I got the plants in and finally finished moving the last dirt pile and put down grass seed.  So much improvement!

When I started digging my first hole for the arborvitae, I hit a buried concrete footer. Awesome. I adjusted where I was digging and managed to get all three in.  That did me in for that day since it was about a billion degrees.

End Day 1

Day 2 is another hot day, but I got up bright and early, thinking I'd counteract the oppresive heat. I was out there by 7 am, digging and planting.  I finished getting all the plants in on the left side of the patio.  And I managed to get a billion mosquito bites. So I have to ask myself what is worse - sun stroke or a billion mosquito bites. The jury is still out.


I decided to test the theory and after showering off the first round of dirt, resting, and shopping, I headed back out for round 3 in the afternoon.

Round 3 success - got everything planted on the right side of the patio and got all the mulch down.

So pretty

Then my pops came over and attached some steps, so I can get in and out the patio door!

That about does it - no pictures of the grass seed, but its just a boring picture of dirt. Fingers cross grass sprouts up from it soon.

What's left now....sealing and attaching the new light fixture! At least thats what I remember off the last list....

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