Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for 2011

One of my friends got me started thinking about goals for the new year.  I figured if I was sharing them with friends on email, I might as well share them with you - so I'll be counting on you, dear readers, to keep me honest this year!

I'm even going to go ahead and print my list out and laminate it so it can live long and prosper on my fridge. Taunting me. Goading me.

Goals for 2011

• pay off credit card debt
• read the Ramsey book to keep spending in check and beef up savings for house projects/new car

Personal (ie, the year of the Debbie)
• get back into fighting shape
     o first use personal training sessions
     o then sign up for get fit bootcamp when personal training is done
     o sign up for a 5k and start running again
• make meal plans/grocery lists to help stop eating out for lunch/dinner (will also help with $$$)
• start the baking soda/vingar hair routine
• make a schedule - workouts, cleaning, etc

House Projects
• tear down rotting deck, replace with paver patios
• install baseboard trim upstairs
• clean out and organize pantry
• sew curtains for kitchen and bedroom

• buy new car (new for me)
• start dating
• get another cat

What about you?  Do you have any goals you're making for 2011? House related? Crafting? Personal?


  1. Do you want to do a 5K in April?

  2. oh, the pressure.

    ok. I guess that means I'm really actually going to have to start training ASAP.