Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Santa

Hi Santa, how are you?  I hope Mrs. Claus has been giving you lots of cookies and milk and ice cream.  How are your reindeer?  I like Comet the best.  Do your elves get to go on vacation?  I bet they'd really like to go on vacation to a fun place, but maybe not an amusement park, because they're so short and they might not be able to ride all the cool rides.

I've been a good girl this year.  I always pick up my room and I never fight with my brothers and sisters.  I remember to do all my chores (even cleaning out the cat box!).  I always remember to say please and thank you and I'm even nice to the people I don't like.

Here is my Christmas list.  I hope you can bring me lots of presents from this list because I've been such a good girl this year!

What I Want for Christmas 

  • baseboards for my upstairs.  I need about 140 feet of baseboards.  I'd like pre-finished white that is at least 5 inches tall.  It would be great if I got crown molding too, but I really just need the baseboards

  • I'd really like to get electric outlets and another range of lights in my basement.  I can't plug my freezer in because I only have one outlet for the entire basement right now that the washer and dryer are plugged into.  The basement also only has two lightbulbs, so I can't really see anything by the furnace and water heater or by all the storage stuff.  Sometimes it can get really scary down there, Santa!

  • Merry Maids once a month for a year.  I really don't like doing floors.

  • A personal trainer at the Y for 1-2 times per week.  Maybe for like 3 months?  I think it would really help me get motivated to exercise and be healthy.

  • Zubaz.  I know, they're so not cool, but I really do want a pair. I'd like the maroon and white pair.

  • Chia Pet.  I've always wanted a Chia Pet, but I never had one before. If I got the cat grass, I think Katsa would really like it too.

  • a new car - I'd really like a crossover SUV or a hatchback.  Hauling stuff is so hard in my compact! Plus, it still smokes and smells like something is burning after driving on the freeway.

  • the Dremel Trio looks pretty awesome.  I could cut stuff then.

  • White Interior doors for the 2nd floor. Now that all my trim is painted white, the doors look even worse.
Thank you Santa!  I promise to leave out cookies for you on Christmas Eve.


PS - maybe you could bring some cookies back for Mrs. Claus too.

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