Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome Guests!

Inspired by some blogs that I read (I'm talking to you Young House Love!) I decided that it was high time I finished the guest room. Really, all that I needed to do was to finish painting the trim and hang something on the walls.  It's not *quite* 100% finished, but then, what ever is?

I got the bed and frame for free from my parents. Score!  The side table was also free (taken years ago from my parents house. Double score!  The wall painting happened the first weekend after I closed.  I've been sitting on finishing the trim for months.  Because really, painting trim is horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. I detest it. But, I finished the entire upstairs, except for the closet and windows in my bedroom.

What I have left to do - baseboard for the entire upstairs, which includes the guest room and I'd like to hang plug-in lights/lamps above the bed rather than using the free standing lamp.  Unfortunately, Ikea didn't have the one that I wanted in stock.  Ikea FAIL!

And, here is the almost finished project.

I bought a $10 jewelry stand that is sitting on the end table.  I love that it is a birdcage, because I almost feel like this room sometimes feel like it is up in the trees. You can't tell by the photos, but the window on the left faces out towards the giant oak tree in the front yard, and when the sunlight comes in through the leafs...amazingly beautiful.  Plus, what female guests don't want a place to hang their earrings and necklaces?

This gives a better view of the jewelry stand and the Poang chair that I moved into the room - mostly for my sister in case she wanted to nurse my nephew to sleep upstairs while putting her feet up.

What is that you see? Oh yes, that is a basket on the Poang chair.  The guest basket!

Inside the guest basket is guest towels that match the color of the room, slippers for the ladies, toothbrushes, a bottle of wine, glasses, and opener, and a box of chocolates. door is open. Welcome welcome!


  1. Looking good Deb! Abby's room looks VERY similar to your guest room!

  2. I wanna visit. Maybe I can have a staycation at your place.