Friday, August 20, 2010

One of those, I haven't been posting posts

What I’ve been up to:

• Painting upstairs trim (le sigh)

• Weeding the garden (itchy!)

• Mowing, mowing, mowing (keep your lawnmower mowing)

• Replacing toilet seat
• Buying and installing built-in bookcases (love! swoon!)

• Travel

• Weddings

• Family parties

• What? You say it was MY BIRTHDAY! Party!

Reasons why there haven’t been updates:

• See list above

I’m going to try and catch up on some of the more exciting projects – like, replacing a toilet seat cover (!) and more importantly, the purchase and installation of my second favorite piece of furniture EVER. My first favorite so happens to be the 5 foot tall card catalog I bought in about 2003 at an antique store.

What I want to be up to:

• Hiring a Merry Maid (please, oh please!) = $

• Demo the deck and replacing it with a paver patio = $$

• Building a front porch addition (the ultimate addition my house needs. And I mean needs. This needs to happen.) = $$$


  1. I need to replace my toilet seat as well, lol. it's one of those annoying home repairs that seems super easy - but I'm really lazy :)

  2. I wasn't looking forward to it either, but I snapped off the old one when I was standing on the toilet to hang some wall art. Woops. This is what I got First thing you want to do is make sure if you need round or oval. That required a trip back to the store for me. The easy change/clean feature on this seat is really super easy. Once I (I mean my dad) managed to get the old one off, it was like, bam, this one was on.