Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello Lover

I moved to the house with a stained but serviceable area rug for the living room.  It just got more and more stained and gross looking. Especially with the addition to the family of a twerpy little kitten named Tux.  He has been losing his baby fur, so I've had gray/black fur all over the rug.
Tux the Twerp

Anyways. I was at Ikea today picking up a new vanity top (installation should come on Monday!) and picked up a great looking area rug for only $20.
So lovely. It's a nice grey (gray) color that goes great with the brown/black furniture, oak floors, oak shelves and purple furniture. The rug was a simple and cheap change that really made an impact in the way the room looks.  I snapped a photo with my phone, but it's pretty awful.

Coming up next - a new vanity top and faucet!

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