Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

I had a productive day at my house today.  Well, I use the term "I" loosely.

I've been conquering tasks left and right, but a smart DIY'er knows her limitations.  The day I purchased my closet organizer from Menards, I opened the box, removed the instructions, and then promptly stuffed them back in the box.

This is said organizer - but for a much cheaper price purchased at Menards
This is said instructions that came with organizer.  Now do you see my fear?

So, this purchase came in March.  I posted a help wanted ad on Craigslist for a handyman, but put the project to the backburner.  I had a lot of things going on this spring - re: garden, painting, etc.

I finally pulled back up the emails from different handymen and decided to go with Michael Varness, LLC.  He's the Caring Contractor!  He had a decent price - middle of the pack from replies, but was actually pretty legit, with a license, website, etc.  So, I scheduled him up for my day off work and set at cleaning out my closet.  A giant bag of donations and two boxes of clothes that don't fit later, my closet was ready for install.  

The closet - post clothes clean-out

Now, the closet is ready for my handyman. And he was so fast! Maybe an hour and a half later, the closet was done.

I know - it doesn't look that complicated, right?  But step back. Take a look at those directions again., you understand. Limitations.

But it was ready for my clothes! Now, for an action shot!

 Dresses and slacks on the left, shirts on the bottom right, sweatshirts and jackets on the top right.  I was even able to clean out two drawers - my cardigans now living on the middle shelf and my sweaters here, on the top left shelf.

There you have it.  A brand new closet in just 2 hours.  And not even my two hours of work! While he was doing that, I cleaned the kitchen, organized the basement, skyped with Jen and Joseph, watched TV....

Later this afternoon, my uncle Art and cousin Joey came by and hook up my automatic ice maker on my fridge.  Surprisingly simple! Well, simple if you have the right tools, supplies and have been doing it for years.  All it took was a hole drilled through the floor, a copper tube running from the fridge, through the hole, above the basement rafters, all the way to the water line that supplies my washer. Then Art attached it with a special little thingamabob, twisted the thingamabob until it punched a tiny hole in the line, unscrewed the thingamabob, and BAM. I had water running up to the fridge.  

See, now you understand the title of the post.  Ice Ice Baby....I even went out and bought some gin, vodka and tonic, all ready for cocktails to make with my ice cubes.

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